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The importance of giving your pet good quality vegetables

Feeding your pets should not be taken lightly. It is important and essential to offer them a food adapted to their nutritional needs, but also a quality food. If you usually give dogs and cats meat in all its forms, the importance of offering good quality vegetables should not be underestimated. To save time and be sure to give your animals a proper diet, you can opt for the premix feed of the Wisium brand, which will perfectly fulfill all their nutritional needs.

Offer vegetables adapted to your pets

For a varied and well-balanced diet, you should give your pets vegetables in addition to their croquettes or canned preparations. When preparing homemade food for your cat or dog, be careful because some vegetables or common foods for humans can be dangerous for animals. Thus, to preserve their health, avoid mixing their ration with avocado, which one of the component, can cause death. Onions and garlic are also discouraged because they can cause breathing difficulties to dogs and cats. Also avoid drinks containing caffeine, which could also poison them. Do not give them sweet potatoes or potatoes to a cat to avoid poisoning.

Choose quality vegetables for pets

In order to vary their diet and keep your pets in good shape, you can bet on some vegetables, which will help them to fill up with vitamins. Unlike the cat, the dog can consume cooked potatoes, rich in fiber, magnesium and other nutrients. A source of antioxidants, carrots will be true allies for your pets to keep them healthy. Green beans and peas are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and phosphorus. Zucchini, cauliflower and spinach are also recommended. If you do not have the time to prepare your own varied and balanced meals for your pets, Wisium offers quality foods adapted to the needs of your pets. Their team will help you to guarantee a diet that meets the nutritional needs of your dog or cat.



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